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✅ Inactive Listing
✅ Blocked Listing
✅ Suppressed Listing

Amazon Listing Reinstatement Service:-

We can assist you with the following types of inactive listings:

  • Suspected Intellectual Property Violation Related Inactive Listings
  • Copyright Claims Takedowns
  • Item Safety Breakdowns
  • Trademark Infringement Yanks
  • Medical Claims Takedowns
  • Restricted Item/Ingredient Takedowns Type Claims
  • Listing Condition Complaint Takedowns
  • Restricted Item/Ingredient Takedowns Type Claims
  • Brand Takedowns
  • And more, not limited to categories above

Important Note:

The Amazon Account needs to be active for us to be able to reinstate any listing.

Why Hire Imarkets Health?

We Research The Exact Issue For Inactive/Blocked Listing

Our Experts Write A Personalized Effective Appeal For Your Listing/ASIN Reinstatement fast.

We Will Continuously Get In Touch Of Amazon Performance & Appeal Review Team Until The Listing Reactivate 

Our process aligns with Amazon’s guidelines, ensuring a legitimate pathway to reinstate your listing.

Listing Reinstatement Service Package Include:

✅ Initial consultation, research & investigation.

✅ Catalog changes for compliance with Amazon Policies.

✅ Creating and submitting a plan of action to the correct team.

✅ Ensuring Deligent follow-up and case management.

We don’t stop until your listing is active.

PRICING: $500 per ASIN 

Amazon Listing Reinstatement FAQs

What are the common issues leading to blocked or inactive Amazon listings?

Amazon listings may get blocked due to various reasons, including the sale of restricted products, failure to address intellectual property complaints, Amazon policy violations, trademark misuse, copyright infringement complaints, manipulating Amazon customer reviews, and so on.

How does Imarkets Health assist with Amazon ASIN reactivation?

Imarkets Health specializes in Amazon ASIN reactivation services. We conduct thorough research to identify the root cause of blocked listings and then craft effective appeals for ASIN reinstatement, working closely with Amazon’s Performance & Appeal Review Team.

What are Amazon suppressed listings, and why do they occur?

Amazon search-suppressed listings are products that have been temporarily stopped from appearing in search results. This can happen due to various reasons, including incomplete product information, prohibited content, intellectual property complaints, and so on.

How does Amazon determine suppressed listings?

Amazon may suppress listings if they contain prohibited content such as inappropriate marketing claims or unauthorized copyrighted materials.

How does Imarkets Health approach reactivating blocked ASINs?

Imarkets Health works closely with the Amazon Performance & Appeal Review Team and provides continuous support until the listing is reactivated.

What actions can result in copyright infringement on Amazon?

Copying images or text without permission can lead to copyright infringement, a common cause of blocked listings. Imarkets Health offers services such as thorough issue research, appeal writing for listing reinstatement, and constant communication with the Amazon team.

How can Imarkets Health assist sellers facing suppressed listings?

Imarkets Health works to identify and fix blocked/inactive listings by managing accounts and addressing major issues with Amazon’s policies..

What steps should sellers take when experiencing blocked listings?

Sellers should promptly consult Imarkets Health’s experts to resolve issues and fix the Amazon blocked listing for seamless reinstatement.

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Emily G., Amazon Canada Seller

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Sophie Mitchell, Amazon Australia Seller

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