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✅ We help with all types of Sellers Suspensions
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Our Account Reinstatement Services:-

Our team of appeal specialists, experts in the field, is equipped to assist with a variety of Amazon account suspensions. Here are our services and competitive rates:-

DropShipping Section 3- $999
Related Account - Known - $700
Invoice Based, No Invoices- $999
Code of Conduct - $999
Feedback or Review Manipulation - True<br /> - $750
Feedback or Review Manipulation - False - $999
Related Account - Unknown- $875
Invoice Based, Have Invoices - $700
Invoice Based, No Invoices- $999
Code of Conduct - $999
Funds Release Only Attempts if after 90 days (15% of Funds)- $499
Funds Release Only Attempts if after 180+ days (13% of Funds) - $399

Important Note:

We provide third-party assistance, but account reactivation relies on Amazon’s instructions. If no guidance is provided, there will be no pathway to reactivate the account.

Why Hire Imarkets Health?

Expertise in Every Suspension Type

We have years of experience and knowledge of resolving wide range of suspension issues, providing a comprehensive solution.

Fast account reactivation for continued sales and revenue generation

Years of knowledge and experience results in quick resolution. 75% of accounts reinstated within 72 hours (Account reinstatement is not guaranteed).

Personalized and tested plans of action

We create custom appeals for each case. High-quality and efficient evaluation, research, and action on the account and personalized POAs each time.

Amazon-Compliant Procedures

Our process aligns with Amazon’s guidelines, ensuring a legitimate pathway to reactivate your account.

Account Reinstatement Service Packages Include:

✅ Initial consultation and research

✅ Catalog changes for compliance

✅ Creating and submitting a plan of action

✅ Following up and managing cases

We don’t stop until your account is active.

Suspension FAQs

How does the Amazon suspension reactivation service work?

The Amazon suspension reactivation service works by thoroughly reviewing the reasons for your account suspension, addressing those issues, and then submitting a comprehensive appeal to Amazon on your behalf.

What information is required to initiate the Amazon suspension reactivation process?

To initiate the Amazon suspension reactivation process, we require details about your account suspension, any communication from Amazon, and access to your seller account to assess the specific issues leading to the suspension.

How long does it take to reactivate a suspended Amazon account?

The duration to reactivate a suspended Amazon account varies based on the complexity of the issues. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how quickly Amazon reviews and responds to the submitted appeal.

What types of Amazon account suspensions can be addressed through the reactivation service?

Our Amazon suspension reactivation service is designed to address various types of suspensions, including performance-related issues, policy violations, and account reviews. We handle each case individually, tailoring the appeal to the specific circumstances of your suspension.

Is there a guarantee that the Amazon suspension reactivation service will be successful?

While we cannot guarantee success, our team works diligently to prepare a strong appeal based on the specific details of your case. Success depends on the accuracy and completeness of the information provided, as well as Amazon’s assessment of the appeal.

Real Sellers, Real Results

“Exciting update! My Amazon account is back in action! A big shoutout to you and your team for making it happen!”

Bob Anderson, Amazon USA Seller

“I’m thrilled with the outcome and the excellent service your company provided in assisting me with the reactivation of my Amazon account.”

Emily G., Amazon Canada Seller

“Hey Everyone, fantastic news. Saban, our Amazon account is up and running again! Exceptional work. Many thanks.”

Sophie Mitchell, Amazon Australia Seller

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