UPC to GS1 Barcode Change Service

Experiencing Listing Removals or GS1 Barcode Certification Errors on Amazon? 🚨

Listings are being taken down due to a mismatch between the registered brand name of the UPC barcode and the listing.

Are you losing money due to GS1 compliance issues?

GS1 Barcode Certification errors causing headaches? 😓 SOLUTION  👇

We’ve got you covered! Ensure a smooth transition and compliance with Amazon’s GS1 barcode policy. Choose Imarkets Health ‘s UPC to GS1 Barcode Transition Service.

Our Service Guarantees:

✨ Guaranteed Success or 100% Money Back: We stand by our service – your satisfaction is our priority.

✨ Ensure Compliance: We help you become compliant, avoiding future issues.

* Provide GS1 Certified UPC Barcodes: Before we commence, share your GS1 certified UPC barcodes.

UPC to GS1 Barcode Change Service Pricing

Secure Your Business’s Success with Imarkets Health 🚀

Upgrade your UPCs to GS1 standards and bid farewell to lost sales. Don’t let outdated UPCs hinder your business growth. Choose the package that aligns with your needs and embark on a seamless Amazon journey. 📈

Time Frame: 
Imarkets Health ensures a swift transition, updating your UPC to the registered GS1 barcode within 5-45 days. Time frame may vary based on factors like Amazon brand registry.

Why Hire Imarkets Health?

Expertise in Every Suspension Type

We have years of experience and knowledge of resolving wide range of suspension issues, providing a comprehensive solution.

Fast account reactivation for continued sales and revenue generation

Years of knowledge and experience results in quick resolution. 75% of accounts reinstated within 72 hours (Account reinstatement is not guaranteed).

Personalized and tested plans of action

We create custom appeals for each case. High-quality and efficient evaluation, research, and action on the account and personalized POAs each time.

Amazon-Compliant Procedures

Our process aligns with Amazon’s guidelines, ensuring a legitimate pathway to reactivate your account.

Account Reinstatement Service Packages Include:

✅ Initial consultation and research

✅ Catalog changes for compliance

✅ Creating and submitting a plan of action

✅ Following up and managing cases

We don’t stop until your account is active.

Suspension FAQs

What documents or information should I provide when ordering?

Provide GS1 Certified UPC Barcodes for your products.

How long does it take to make the change on Amazon?<br />

Generally, the change takes 3 to 4 weeks, but the duration may vary based on several factors.

If the original ASINs change, will the new ASIN have different inventory?<br />

No, the inventory remains unaffected by the ASIN change.

Is the service guaranteed to work?

Yes, as of 10/13/22, we guarantee the success of your UPC change or offer a 100% money-back guarantee (after 45 days from order without success).

What impact does changing the UPC have?

Minimal impact; there are no effects on Reviews and BSR. We recommend updating labels to the new GS1 on the boxes and suggest doing so as a proactive measure. The old UPCs still associate with the ASINs and scan into FBA, but updating labels is advised for future runs.

Real Sellers, Real Results

“Exciting update! My Amazon account is back in action! A big shoutout to you and your team for making it happen!”

Bob Anderson, Amazon USA Seller

“I’m thrilled with the outcome and the excellent service your company provided in assisting me with the reactivation of my Amazon account.”

Emily G., Amazon Canada Seller

“Hey Everyone, fantastic news. Saban, our Amazon account is up and running again! Exceptional work. Many thanks.”

Sophie Mitchell, Amazon Australia Seller

Don't let outdated UPCs hinder your sale. Say goodbye to lost sales and hello to a thriving business. Upgrade your UPCs to GS1 standards for a seamless Amazon journey. 📈✨s.



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